Preparing for & Surviving Retirement

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Modern life can be complicated and hectic. Unfortunately, we're often too consumed with the mundane tasks of day-to-day life to properly manage our long-term financial affairs with the care they deserve. As well, designing a plan for your financial future requires a disciplined approach and most people simply don't have the knowledge or the time to acquire it. With this in mind, we offer you the following resources to help you better understand the financial planning process:


Managing the Unexpected:

1. Preparing for and Surviving Retirement

2. Lessons from Enron

Can Harley Davidson Survive When Boomers Quit Can Harley Davidson Survive When Boomers Quit "Living On The Hog?"
Faced with an aging consumer base that spends less, what are firms to do?
Dalbar™ Research On Investor Behavior
1. How advisors help protect investment returns
2. How much should I be saving?
3. How risky is it anyway?
4. Staying on track
Washington Post Picking The Right Planner
It Takes Homework To Choose From A Confusing Array
Paladin Registry Articles
1. Do I Need A Financial Advisor?
2. Tips for Avoiding Bad Financial Advice
3. Tips for Selecting High Quality Advisors
Morning Star Morning Star: Fiduciary Focus
Registered Representatives of Broker-Dealers Cannot Be Fiduciaries to Their Clients
Hey Buddy... Hey Buddy! Can you spare me a dime? $2 Trillion?
The coming collapse of our country's traditional pension system will affect everyone.
1. Hey Buddy
2. A $2-Trillion Fiscal Hole
3. The Coming Demographic Transition: Will We Treat Future Generations Fairly?
4. Did the Wall Street Journal get the pension story wrong?
PBGC Lookin' For A Handout
Pension problems coming home to roost on the back of tax payers!
No Way?

Now Someone Else Has To Tell Retirees No

Healthcare costs are an increasingly difficult management problem for an aging workforce. Unions are increasingly facing the reality within their own ranks.


BusinessWeek online Financial Pedigrees - Or Blarney?
A guide to decoding the dizzying array of acronyms on your adviser's business card